Alida & Miller
Perfect Imperfections.



We love the idea of staying clear of the typical white tiled bathroom & adding pops of colour to, lets face it, a space you spend a lot of time in each day. A bathroom can become a key feature of a home by brightening it up, these are our tips for doing so in a tasteful & fun way: 

1. Bright tiles in striking prints, on the floor or the shower. Play with contrast here, you don't have to have the same tile throughout the entire room. 

2. Add colourful textures by bringing in floor rugs. Keep away from high splash areas when in use. 

3. A reclaimed vintage bathtub, updated in a pop of colour is a great way to bring in the old with a modern update. 

4. As always, plants, plants, plants and more plants. 

Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald