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Alida and Miller's F*ck-it List: Winter Edition


Welcome to Alida and Miller's 2018 F*ck-it List. A series of blogs of our favourite accommodations and destinations we are yet to explore. Here is the Winter Edition…

Being eleven days into our second month in autumn, the hopes for chillier days are becoming more prominent but they are yet to be fulfilled. Alongside consistent 30 degree days and endless sun and beach swims, Australia can’t seem to shake summer. But as Aussies we should be used to this by now, right?  Well, all we know is we can’t stop longing to pull out our winter booties. Although we may not be surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains, we sure can dream about it, and these places make resisting the temptation of jetting off to the northern hemisphere that much harder. 

Coming in first is the Levin Iglut igloos in Finland. Being completely warm yet surrounded by the amazing Arctic sky sounds like a trip of a lifetime. You may feel as if you are on another planet, yet you will be completely connected to the world through their provided internet. So no need to worry, all of your friends and family will be dying with envy from your picturesque boomerangs. So grab your favourite travel buddy, pack your comfiest trackies and get ready for a relaxing vacation with a too-good-to-leave-the-bed view.

Second from the top is the Aman Le Mélézin hotel in Courchevel; a ski resort located in the French Alps. Courchevel is part of the three largest linked ski areas in the world, so it is not surprising that this ultimate getaway features an architecturally flawless building like Aman Le Mélézin. The fortress-like structure exudes strength whilst not obstructing the amazing white wonderland in which it resides. As the hotel offers a lengthy list of facilities like private outdoor hot-tubs!!! we decided to let these photos speak for themselves. But seriously, we cannot get over the interiors.

Coming third on our list is the Deplar Farm House. Where do we start… the turf covered roofing and stout charcoal-stained timber provide a structure which we deem fit for a hidden Icelandic wilderness. There is no better place to feel tucked away in one of the corners of the earth; the endless landscape will provide a fresh perspective on the true matters in life (….interior).  Jump-in to activities like skiing, trecking, swimming in the geothermal heated pool, whale watching and horse-riding during the day (not that the sun sets…) and then comfortably wait by the fire for the sky to dance in shades of purple and green with the Northern Lights. This old farm-house turn Alpine treasure offers true ingenious interior that effortlessly complements its location whilst being relevant and modern.

Next place we are dying to go, encourages us to embrace our inner minimalist. Zaborin is Japan’s northernmost island which provides the country’s best flora and fauna. Rolling white hills and a view that you could get lost in, these villas are the epitome of modern Japanese design. You will leave the holiday not only feeling fresh and revitalised, but inspired. There is nothing that these villas don’t have, including an indoor and outdoor onsen bath filled with volcanic water, but these interiors are what truly have us excited. Regarding every last detail, it is hard to understand how a such minimal design can create such a complicated yet complementary pallet. With upcoming projects, we find ourselves desperately seeking a reason to book our flight, to immerse ourselves in this stimulating dwelling.

Taking on a different wintery-vibe, Taylor River Lodge in north-east Colorado, combines a carpenter’s paradise with southern American charm to produce an epic getaway. Coming in fifth, the house is only 30 minutes from Crested Butte located in the Rocky Mountains so don’t forget to pack your ski-gear. But the best part about this getaway is the activities included in the booking package. So if you are an outdoors adventurist get ready for white water river rafting, axe-throwing, biking and BB-gun shooting. Although this may not be your typical, relaxing winter holiday, there is plenty of space to un-wind and share a drink of local Colorado craft beer. 

Although we don’t need to travel to the northern hemisphere for this last destination, there is no denying that it feels oceans away from Australian scenery. Matakauri Lodge located in the famous Queenstown, New Zealand is an escape we couldn’t look past. The house offers cosy-chic décor with vibrant-blue lake views and dominant mountain ranges that steel your attention. After kicking off your ski boots, crack open a bottle of Moët, hop in the Jacuzzi and celebrate one of the most magical places this world has to offer. 

The Kvivik Igloos were not originally part of our Winter Edition list... but, once we saw the photos we knew we had to mention them. Just like the Deplar Farm house, these igloos effortlessly compliment their landscapes, enabling you to become part of this small corner of the earth called The Faroe Islands. Being engulfed by ice-capped mountains and endless sea views, this will be the first island experience where your bikinis and sun cream stay at home.

Written by Jaye Gugenberger

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Jaye Gugenberger