Alida & Miller
Perfect Imperfections.



As everlong advocates for the art wall, a space on your wall held by a carefully curated selection of collected art pieces, we wanted to share some ways to achieve this in your home. Three must-knows: 

1. Make it personal - Include pieces in the mix that really mean something to you, whether that be a piece of art collected while travelling, or a framed image painted by a child or a friend, it's nice to keep something special in the mix. 

2. Think colour pallette - The art wall must work in with the rest of your home. Are you dripping in clashing colour (pink velvet couch, multicolour rug)!? Or are you staying neutral (textured whites and beiges)? Either way, work in the art selections so they either pop, or fit in, and ensure that the framing is a reflection of the aesthetic of the home (clean lines for a minimalist feel or mismatched for the nomadic abode). 

3. Consider placement - Do you want the wall to be seen as soon as you walk in the home? Is it a feature of your living space? Do you want it kept more private for yourself? All of these are questions to ask when pulling together the art wall. While the living area is the typical, and most natural, fit for an art wall, consider unexpected spaces like the library, entry way or your master bedroom. 

Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald