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When designing a family kitchen we have these few tips to make it feel warm and inviting, and creating a space the whole family will love to hang out in, these helpful tips can be applied to all styles of decor.



1. When renovating your kitchen, always remember to keep it light and bright, by adding in large statment windows it will always feel sunlit and fresh.


2. A large kitchen island with comftable seating is a must, it's a practical space where not only a lot of cooking will happen, but you always want to make it an inviting spot where the kids can sit and talk to you and do their homework and have their dinner. A large island is also always great for entertaining for dinner parties, a kitchen really is the heart of the home, so why not accommodate accordingly  

3. A family kitchen should not feel to stark and sterile, dont get me wrong it should still be a clean organised space but we feel that having a few open shelves with all your beloved china and precious family heirlooms should really be on display to create a more relaxed inviting feel. It's such a nice personal touch and why hide something so special, just make sure its up high.

4. Have fun when designing, dont be afraid to be playful with colour and statement tiles. You don't have to go overboard, even a small splash back of a statement tile is enough to really make the space pop without over doing it. 

5. Texture, texture texture, don't be afraid to add lots of different textures, you would be surprised how many work together. Different textures like polished concrete with rustic timber contrast so well together. By doing this you are creating lots of warmth to the space, even putting a special rug on the floor is a great way to achieve this (just make sure the rug is on the outer side of the kitchen or out of the way of high traffic areas o avoid nasty spill clean ups)

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